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                       Near Infrared Eco Sauna

                      Near Infrared Eco Sauna


              Wood Cabin

                          Wood Cabins 



                   Near Infrared Cabin

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Dr. Harry Whelan, Nasa Scientist,

Marshall Space Flight Center


“So far, what we’ve seen in patients and what we’ve seen in laboratory cell cultures, all point to one conclusion, the near infrared light... seems to be perfect for increasing energy inside the cells. The [near infrared light] boosts energy to the cells and accelerates healing.”



Long Life Saunas has been helping people detoxify and heal since 2009


"Michael, I'm sure you get this a lot but your sauna is by far the single best health tool I have ever used. My whole family is using it and we are all seeing significant health benefits. In addition, I am seeing gains in muscle mass without any sort of weight training. Again, thank you so much for the sauna. It is by far the single greatest investment I have ever made." -Russ R.


"Hi Michael, So here is what happened with the help of the sauna.  Mama had had a pain in her neck for quite a while.  She always had to tilt her head in that direction and she could not move her neck to look at something.  She had to turn her whole body.  Within a short time of sauna treatments, that pain disappeared and has never returned.  Both parents were noticeably affected by the sauna.  So much so that after about the first two weeks some family members saw such a difference that they started using the sauna themselves.  I saw many good things happening from sauna therapy.  I am a certified personal trainer and know things to look for." -Mark H


"Hi Michael, I ordered a sauna from you nearly a year ago. It continues to be a great treasure in my life, and to this day still smells like an enchanted forest. I ordered it mainly for a skin condition, which is nearly full healed now, thanks primarily to the sauna, which has proved a greater therapy than all the dietary and natural topical treatments put together." -Mary M



"Michael, I just wanted to let you know that the Sauna is awesome. I have had great progress with my pancreatic cancer. The numbers keep dropping and the tumor is shrinking. Thank you for building such a wonderful tool." -Julie



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