Buyer Beware!

Cheap Imported Saunas May Not Give You What You Need.

Most people are unaware that 95% of all infrared saunas for sale in the U.S. are made in one of a small number Asian factories and imported to the U.S. Websites selling these imported saunas do not identify specifically where the saunas are built. The sales companies may be domestic, but the saunas themselves are not. If you are unsure, just simply ask, "are your saunas built in the U.S., Canada or Asia."

Once I asked a FIR sales person where his saunas were built. He promply replied that the wood is quality CANADIAN cedar and that they had the highest quality manufacturing facility. The saleperson danced around the issue. So I had to ask him bluntly," are your units made in China?" He said yes. His company ships wood from Canada to China. Then ships the saunas back to the US! Yet they market themselves as "Green."

For the sauna buyer, the imported saunas offer one major advantage: price. They are consistently cheaper to buy, initially. Unfortuantely, they may cost you much more in the long run.

If you are attracted to the price of these units, I offer this simple advice: Caveat Emptor or Buyer Beware. Here's why:

Some Chinese companies have a poor track record. Most Chinese goods are high quality. But, when the companies aim for rock bottom prices, they cut corners in a big way. I strongly suggest you don't trust your health to the lowest price.

When it comes to infrared saunas, cheap products may have the following consequences:

1. They may be built with toxic materials that offgass chemicals when heated
2. They may contain the poorest quality heaters that produce very low total amounts of far infrared, even though the far infrared they do

     produce is in the target range.
3. They may emit very high EMF radiation (most do, in fact).
4. They company has little, if any, accountability for problems.
5. Saunas often have heaters at head level. In general, it is not recommended to directly heat your head in an infrared sauna.

If you are unconvinced, here is a sampling of some recent problems that occured in "inexpensive" Chinese products.

    Melamine laden pet food that killed cats and dogs
    Melamine laden infant formula that poisoned babies
    Toothpaste containing diethylene glycol (anti-freeze)
    Ceramic space heaters that catch fire (1.2 million units recalled june 2007)
    Lead paint in children's toys
    Cadmium in girls jewelry (causes cancer)
    Tires that lacked a common gum strip to prevent blowouts
    Drywall contaminated with chemicals linked to respiratory system irritation, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, irritated eyes, coronary heart

    disease, coma, convulsions, and liver damage.
    Far Infrared Sauna heaters recalled for catching fire (2006)
    Dried apples preserved with a cancer-causing chemical.
    Frozen catfish laden with banned antibiotics.
    Scallops and sardines coated with putrefying bacteria.
    Mushrooms laced with illegal pesticides.

In the case of the recalled far infrared sauna heaters the problem was a guage of wire that was too small. The wires overheated and caught on fire. All to save a few pennies.

Infrared saunas are a health tool and are used by many people with serious health conditions. In my opinion, it is unwise to place your health in the hands of a manufacturer determined to make the cheapest product possible.


In the end, the choice is yours but I strongly advise against buying the cheapest far infrared saunas on the market. If price is an issue, check out our
eco-sauna. It's may not be fancy, but it workes incredibly well, is made of non-toxic materials, has no EMF and is very safe to use. We make them start to finish, here in Maine and can guarantee that they are non-toxic, well made and highly effective.


Our customers frequently let us know they appreciate how incredibly healing the saunas are, their quality construction and our personal service. As you read through these emails, you will truly see that there is a significant qualitative difference in them compared to ones on more generic sauna sites. That is a result of our workmanship and committment to effective products. 


Health Benefits: Real testimonials on health improvements!

Hello Michael,

I ordered a sauna from you nearly a year ago (December anniversary). It continues to be a great treasure in my life, and to this day, still smells like an enchanted forest. I ordered it mainly for a skin condition, which is nearly fully healed now, thanks primarily to the sauna, which has proved of greater therapy than all the dietary and natural topical treatments put together. Please let me say thanks, many times over, and I wish you a very happy upcoming holiday season !!!

With All Best Wishes, Mary Jo M.

I'm sure you get this a lot but your sauna is by far the single best health tool I have ever used. My whole family is using it and we are all seeing significant health benefits. In addition, I am seeing gains in muscle mass without any sort of weight training. My question is if there is a specific time you have found to do some minimal strength training in conjunction with sauna use that may enhance the muscle mass effects I am seeing. For example my intuition tells me that some sit ups and push ups directly prior to the sauna would enhance this. Any ideas when you have time. Again, thank you so much for the sauna. It is by far the single greatest investment I have ever made.  Russ

Hi Michael,

The results that I have experienced with the sauna you made for me are real and consistent. I couldn't be more happy and will consider the larger full cedar construction when I am living at a more permanent address. I love the design and the product and will not change my mind. I have been using it daily for almost three months now and have noticed many positive results. In fact, it is always a highlight in my day.

Hi MichaeI,

I LOVE IT !!!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it..... I have been documenting daily my times, etc... Been fighting a sinus infection and the sauna has been really good for it... Thank you again for the amazing workmanship that you put into the sauna...  Elizabeth S



We love using our sauna. The first benefit we noticed was clean, smooth, soft, healthy skin.(This is greatly helped by using a loofah in the shower after the sauna.) Currently, the sauna is helping us detox toxic minerals. Also, it is calming to the nervous system. I hate missing the sauna for more than a day or two, especially in winter. Thanks, Pat

Hi Michael,  

This is Sara T….  I am loving the sauna.  I have been sleeping really soundly, my chronic leg pain is doing much better.  It seemed to bother my interstitial cystitis at first, but now I believe it is helping it.  I feel like I have more energy too.  Thank-you for the product!  Thanks,  Sara


Workmanship: Real feedback on our workmanship!


I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate the thoughtfulness and attention-to-detail workmanship that you have put into my sauna. Your concept is smart and simply efficient in delivering a near-infrared sauna experience. All wood components are beautifully smooth as well as impeccably pre-drilled and marked. Your design is easy to understand and put together, and your packaging was careful and protective of components. Thank you Michael for your care, which is so evident in every aspect of your product.  Karen C.


We received the 3 packages from you on Friday and have just completely put together the sauna.  It is great!  Your work is perfect!  We are very anxious to begin using it.   It is a heavy unit.  Can't thank you enough for this great product - you obviously have a real talent for this. Thanks,  Rich and Jennifer B.

Good morning Michael... I received my sauna... and I have to tell you just how impressed I am with the quality and care you put into building it.. My boyfriend and I were WOW'd... with how all the holes were countersunk.. how every piece sanded and perfectly squared.  How everything fit together so well, how you marked each piece and labled each bag... It made assembling it very easy...... THANK YOU... 
I made the choice to buy from you for a few reasons and your quality will have me recommend you for many more.. 
I look forward to documenting my progress . Again, thank you... *Elizabeth

 Hi Michael,

Thanks for taking the call- Everything is coming together so easily. You are very talented, it’s so beautiful! Once its complete I test it out, take a photo and send a review. Thanks again Michael!   Patti Miller

And....Customer Service

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for refunding me, to be honest, I didn't expect you would... Most people out there aren't honest, so I appreciate it very much. One thong I've learned from this is to never ship things like that over here, and I guess you learned from that too. I am sorry that it had cost you more then expected and as for me, my running around yesterday. Thanks and it was a positive experience dealing with a person like you. Have a nice day.


Greeting Michael,

Checking email is my least favorite task, but my sister came to visit me from Western MA this past weekend and she sat in my sauna for 5 minutes and inquired about the blown bulb. I told her I reached out to you but hadn't been back in my email to check for a response. She impatiently urged me to check, but we were so busy. I was delighted to receive my box yesterday. Thank you for taking care of this matter even without my response with address. I like you as a businessman and respect your craft. Happy New Year!  -Eye

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