All Long Life Near Infrared Saunas are hand made and built to order, here in Maine. We proudly feature local and FSC certified wood in our saunas.

Long Life Saunas has chosen to produce a highly effective healing sauna at an affordable price right here in the United States. As such, we can not produce them by the thousands. Instead, they are made one at a time with individual attention. And, unlike imported saunas, we can truly guarantee non-toxic quality. Please see our selection of healing near infrared products below.

Buyer Beware!


Near Infrared Eco Sauna


Affordable, Incredibly Effective, Lightweight


Wood Cabin Saunas


Refined, Handmade Quality, Exceptional Therapy






2014 Lightweight Wood Sauna



Solid, Beautiful and Therapeutic.

Our best model yet!


International Orders


Long Life Saunas has products that can be shipped overseas! Click on the picture to learn more.

If you have any questions, please email me at, 802-349-0501