Turn any spare closet, small room or small bathroom into an instant detoxifying, rejuvenating near infrared sauna!


PS 1500
(2) 750 Watt Heaters
(1) Stool






PS 2000
(2) 1000 Watt Diamond Heaters
(1) Stool




How to use the Portable Near Infrared Sauna:
Setup Options:



Long Life Saunas' portable near infrared units are designed to create a therapeutic sauna experience while saving space and money. With minimal assembly and true portability, you can have a near infrared sauna in any small space.

Room Requirements:
To make the most of your portable sauna, it must be used in a appropriate sized space. Larger rooms will result inlower ambient temperatures and less sweating. Small bathrooms, closets or old saunas to be converted are good choices for the portable instant sauna.

PS 1500
Less than 25 sq ft

PS 2000
Less than 35 sq ft

When you're finished detoxifying, skin rejuvenating sauna, simply leave the heaters in place, or quickly and easily put them away until next time.
This entire sauna fits easily into a small space for storage.


The Portable Instant Near Infrared Sauna is made of 100% natural, untreated, sustainably harvested wood and contains no toxic materials. All units are handmade to order in Vermont giving you the highest quality and attention to detail. Made with ultra long lasting, affordable heat lamps (5,000 hours!). Recommended by Dr. Larry Willson and the most comprehensive healing sauna type in the world today!






Unique sauna delivers powerful near infrared therapy 

Therapeutic amount of healing near infrared light. 

Will produce a good sweat without a small cabin.

Please measure your space before purchasing this sauna

Portable Instant Sauna


PS 1500

PS 2000
$ 849.00